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Hypebeastcloset creates a high-end casualwear marketplace.
HBC provides multiple languages to enable worldwide hypebeasts to connect.
Join HBC for a simple and fun shopping experience.

Co-Founder: Kohnosuke Yamada

My name is Kohnosuke Yamada. I was born in Tokyo and moved to Los Angeles when I was 6 years old. I became interested in streetwear and sneakers seeing a lot of trendy and cool people live in Los Angeles. I travel to Japan two times a year to visit my grandparents and relatives. While I’m there, I like to shop at many brand stores like Bape and Supreme in Shibuya and Omotesando and hunt for rare items in rural areas as well. My friends in L.A. envy me for finding goods that you can’t get in the United States but are commonly available in Japan since most of them are locally licensed products. I often use online marketplaces to buy streetwear, but most of them don’t target potential users in Asian countries. I realized this was ineffective since many brand goods are sold in cities like Tokyo. My goal is to unite buyers and sellers in both Asia and in the United States. I hope you enjoy Hypebeastcloset!